A Equipment is an equestrian collection developed by Christian & Andreas Schou and the danish horse feed brand Equsana. With A Equipment, we wish to create essential, functional items with a fashionable and versatile look. We like a stylish and coherent appearance with grey vibes and simplicity in mind. We want to focus on some of the basic equestrian equipment, we ourselves like to use, and optimise and develop those products. We want each item to matter, and have some kind of function apart from being stylish.

We aim to create equipment for everyone to affordable prices. We wish to cut out the noise and make it all about the functionality of the product.

Andreas Schou

“To begin with we knew very little about how the different materials worked. What we knew was what’s important when you’re doing sports and wearing something for so many hours straight every day. We also aimed for the clothes to be usable for our varied everyday life. Our sport is a lifestyle, which means that we occasionally wear our riding clothes outside the stables. With A·Equipment we’ve done our best to design something versatile, something both practical and sophisticated.”

Andreas SchouCreator of AE, interview Horse Rider’s Journal
Christian Schou

“Since most of the good equipment on the market is quite expensive we’ve tried to create something of very high quality but at an affordable price. The goal has been to create a collection for everyone but at the same time exclusive and accessible.”

Christian SchouCreator of AE, interview Horse Riders’s Journal